Thursday, February 23, 2017

Axis Point | JD DeHart

Axis Point

Here I sit at the spinning
center of the universe.
Well, it's just a room.

Conversations go on all
around me, but I sit listening
to my mind.  Wondering.

I am the spoke in this wheel,
except I really don't think
I turn much of anything here.

JD DeHart

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nice to Know at Last What Is Meant | JD DeHart

Nice to Know at Last What Is Meant

Yes, it’s nice to become
acquainted with sound
and reason of other beings,
makes one feel like one belongs
to an invisible club –
the lines were always drawn,
but it’s helpful to know they
were not imagined.
It's remedy for the sanity.

Finally nice to know what is
meant by all these chuckles,
to get the inside joke,
to speak the vernacular, try
it on like a glove on the tongue.
Practicing in the mirror
three times this morning alone.

There now, doesn’t that feel better,
or does it make matters worse,
now with a heavy mouth?

JD DeHart

Monday, February 20, 2017

Blogging | JD DeHart

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Period Piece on a Motorcycle | JD DeHart

Period Piece on a Motorcycle
originally published at Blue Hour Magazine

Everything is fine and the viewer
can offer willing suspension of disbelief.
Until the third act when the ballroom gown dress planners
get on the cycles, gunning for freedom.
Goodbye, Mr. Darcy, we need to breathe new air.
Have a cigar and don’t wait up.
A highway exists behind the backdrop, the magic of cinema
and the actor appearing kind, really a serpent.

JD DeHart

Assumptions | JD DeHart

Every paradigm makes
These are the assumptions
for mine.  There is a truth.
We will find it.  There is a path
that helps.
If we can, we will offer it.
People don’t intend the best
all the time.  Nor do they always
intend the worst.  It’s just a matter,
sometimes, of being aware.
I am not aware of what I am not
aware of.  Which is a tautology.
I think.  These are not all of the
assumptions of my paradigm.  I
am also assuming I have a paradigm
to begin with.

JD DeHart

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